A Recipe to Kick Your Coffee Habit!


A Recipe to Kick Your Coffee Habit!

You know the drill. You tell yourself this is the last day ever you rely on coffee to keep you alive during the morning. And the afternoon. And by 4pm you’ve had 8 cups of coffee and are still wiped!

What to do? Well, we’ve got a wonderful recipe, submitted by one of our customers, to help you kick your coffee habit!

It all begins with the Kick Start blend from Harmonic Arts. It is a robust and wonderfully rich blend of Chaga, Ramon Nut, Yerba Mate, Cacao, Sarsaparilla, Maca, Roasted Dandelion, and Guarana. It has just a small amount of caffeine but is synergistically blended to increase your energy without the negative side effects of over stimulating beverages such as coffee!

It’s delicious, energy nourishing, and how can you go wrong with Chocolate, Chaga, and Maca?

So here’s our good friend Elizabeth’s energizing, kick starting, nourishing upgrade to your morning routine:

What you need:
Harmonic Arts Kick Start blend
Coconut oil or butter
Raw Honey
Almond Mylk (or your favourite nut mylk!)

1 TBSP of Harmonic Arts Kick Start
1 TBSP of coconut oil/coconut butter
1-2 tsp of raw honey

1.Pour boiling water over the mix just about an inch and stir until mixed together
2.Steam/heat up almond milk with lots of foam to fill up the cup and top with cinnamon

Alternatively if you have a blender just throw it all in there and blend until frothy!